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3DUX x working from home

Like many other businesses, 3DUX have put in place measures to keep our staff, clients and community safe. For the last three weeks, the 3DUX team have worked from their individual ‘home offices’ and we have all learnt a lot! We are sharing our top tips for keeping up communication, productivity and collaboration during this time.

3DUX’s top tips for working from home >>>

Set up a designated workstation. This increases productivity and leaves spaces in your house to unwind after the working day.

Create a routine! Write down a schedule and make sure you include breaks to keep structure to your day.

Write down a list of tasks you want to achieve throughout the day and tick them off for maximum productivity!

Log out of your preferred social media. When WFH you can be less accountable so by temporarily signing out has a chastening effect: instead of clicking right in to an endless stream of content, you’re greeted with a login screen and reminded that you’re supposed to be doing work.

Setup your team on an instant messaging system. Create a channel where your team can interact, say good morning to each other and log off at night. This creates a sense of a regular routine.

Communicate more than usual! Tell your team members when you’re taking a break, debrief on current projects you’re working on and advise if you’re going to be early or late to work.

Schedule regular breaks and take them. Step away from your workstation to eat your lunch or go for a quick walk around the block.

Use video chat. The 3DUX team have been utilising Zoom to stay in contact with the team and clients to stay connected.

With no work friends around and the sound of silence in the air, listen to music or podcasts in the background. The 3DUX team are used to an open office so pop on some Spotify to get back into focus and feel less alone.

Have fun with your team! 3DUX have Friday afternoon Zoom drinks every week to debrief and socialise.

The good news for the 3DUX team is that it is virtual business as usual and we will still be working collaboratively to bring positive outcomes to our clients. If you are after digital design, web & ecommerce, print & packaging, brand identity or digital media services, let’s chat. Contact 3DUX today >>> www.3dux.com.au.