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5 reasons your business should invest in digital media

Regardless of sector, industry or business size, digital marketing is the most effective way to reach your customers. 3DUX are experts at creating eye-catching digital collateral and can assist with building your digital design strategy.

To inspire your business to go digital, here are 5 reasons why your business should invest in digital media >>>

  • Consumer culture

Digital technology has changed the way consumers receive advertising. From online, mobile, social and digital outdoor displays, consumers are exposed to different messages at almost all hours of the day. By not investing in digital media, you are missing out on opportunities to reach potential customers. 3DUX strategise to develop banners, wraps and page takeovers that advertise your product elegantly and effectively. Additionally, we create and manage media across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and WeChat.

  • Budget optimisation

Digital marketing allows you to optimise your budget to your specific consumers who are most likely to purchase or use your services. A targeted or focused marketing approach allows you to optimise your budget and selectively target the recipients of your content.

  • Digital is growing

The average adult typically spends around 6 hours per day on the internet. With more users going online every day, it’s important to grow your business along with the digital world to increase your company’s exposure. Be where your customers are.

  • Easy to monitor ROI

When it comes to determining your businesses return on investment, digital media is more precise, faster and easier to monitor than traditional marketing. Digital monitoring tools use metrics that monitor the behaviour of consumers, either on websites or social platforms to determine the effectiveness of your media and strategy.

  • Keep your business running 24/7

Your website is your storefront window on the internet. Unlike a brick and mortar store, it allows potential buyers and clients from all over the world to read about your business’ products and services. 3DUX offers services for websites of all sizes and complexity. From microsites to ecommerce sites, we have a team of developers that can build and deliver a website quickly and cost effectively.

3DUX work with clients on a range of campaigns both big and small, to deliver results across web, social and outdoor. If you want to optimise your marketing strategy to include digital design, email us at >>> enquiries@3dux.com.au.