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Reasons you should invest in a new website design

Are you fronting a start-up? Or are you part of a multi-level complex business? No matter what size your business is, first impressions are everrrrrything and we want you to make the best one! The truth is, a new website design will provide more value to your business than any other marketing activity. Wanna know why? Read on >>>

  • Be user-friendly across all devices

In today’s world everything is digital, and majority of users are now accessing websites via mobile devices. If your website is not optimised for mobile viewing and navigating, the effectiveness of your website will suffer.

  • Stay independent and adaptable to change

As opposed to using a standard template, a custom website will let you showcase your business and what makes your brand unique. A templated website can be confining, and you may find yourself permanently stuck to that design, unable to change. Furthermore, what you want to showcase now may not be what you want to showcase later on, and a custom website designer can help you make that change.

  • Improve SEO and website traffic

Doesn’t everyone want website hits without paying for them? A custom website designer that understands trends in SEO can help you achieve this! Recently, Google’s search algorithm is placing more value on websites that provide a great user experience thanks to unique, engaging content. A custom-designed website allows you to engage with your site visitors and rank highly in the search results. 

  • Branding is everything

Stand out from the crowd with a custom website design, where you will be able to showcase the true power of your brand and what makes you unique. 3DUX will ensure that all aspects of your branding are reflected in your website, allowing site visitors to truly know what your business is about.

  • Higher conversion rates

Whether you’re selling physical products or promoting your services, if you don’t have a website, you’re missing out on a significant amount of business. Investing in a quality website will allow you to showcase your products or services in a more appealing way and to more people, helping you increase your profits.

From microsites to ecommerce sites, we have a team of developers that can build and deliver a website quickly and cost effectively. 3DUX can cater to any budget from customising templates to more bespoke options. Contact us today and discover how 3DUX can help with your web and ecommerce strategy >>> email us at