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Why your marketing strategy needs good design.

With the increase of digital marketing becoming prevalent in business strategies, you need something dynamic to stand out in the social landscape. Not only do you need an innovative marketing strategy, unique design ideas will elevate the strategy as it will captivate your targeted audience. Want to know why? Read further.

Builds Brand Recognition

Think of the biggest global brands… McDonalds, Apple and Coca Cola to name a few. All these brands use unique design elements to help stand out from the crowd. The yellow golden arches, the apple silhouette, the colour red are all design elements associated with the brands to ensure recognisability. To build brand recognition it is important to use a consistent design scheme. The design needs to be clear and integrated into your marketing strategy.

Encourages Sharing

Great design can encourage sharing across platforms, allowing you to reach users outside of your target audience. The use of video, GIFs and distinctive design stands out on social platforms and with the inclusion of social sharing buttons, they are easy to find.

Provides a Clear Path to Conversion

All the elements of design need to assist the user to purchasing or finding out more information about your brand. Users are bombarded everyday with marketing messages on digital platforms. Your design needs to provide an easy conversion path, remove distractions and stand out, allowing the user to make a clear decision.  

Increases Brand Memorability and Customer Loyalty

By using consistent design elements across all digital platforms, this increases brand memorability and ultimately encourages consumer loyalty. When a new campaign is launched, ensure your design elements relate to your overarching marketing strategy to build brand trust.

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